Outdoor Space

We began work on our sensory garden in 2014 and have continued adding to it throughout the year. We will go out in all weather that is safe to do so. Children will bring to school a fleece jacket, gloves, hats, rain gear and wellies. Our garden is divided into different areas and will be separated by trees and shrubs. The garden is designed to suit all children’s needs and to allow children to explore, play and learn. It is the perfect compliment to our indoor Montessori programme and we are one of the few schools in the area with such a wonderful outdoor space.



Water wall    Sensory garden


When our garden is completed we hope to have all of the following in place:


Creative – water wall and music wall

Exploring – walking on tyres, crawling through tyres, climbing on boulders

Imagination – play in the mud kitchen

Socialise – relax with friends sitting on the logs, or run around the spacious garden

Get Messy – dig in the mud pit or water our growing plants and vegetables, dig for worms


At our school your child will not only be learning by engaging with the Montessori materials, interacting with friends but also by engaging with nature. Collecting leaves, sorting and counting them, creating with mud, and planting,

In our outdoor classroom children are moving and doing, engaging, interacting, exploring and thus learning and engaging all their senses.


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