Montessori Classroom

Our morning begins at 9am (or 12.30 for afternoon session) when Children arrive in our bright, sunny and spacious Montessori classroom. They can choose to work with natural materials laid out in the traditional Montessori areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Culture, Maths and Language. My Montessori trained teachers will present materials to your child who can then work individually or in small groups or choose to read a library book or do art & craft.

Language area   NatureandCulture area   Time of Wonder 023


Once the classical music begins the children recognise that it is tidy up time for snack. Hands are washed and we all sit down to eat our healthy snack and relax enjoying each other’s company. Following snack children are invited to join circle time. The teacher begins by inviting the children to sing the Good Morning Song. The teacher will discuss the theme of the week and might draw attention to any new materials added to the classroom. Songs, the calendar and a story finish circle time. Following snack time we prepare to go outside and enjoy our sensory garden.


We believe in a multi-age grouping. Studies have shown that children in this kind of environment demonstrate increased patience, cooperation, and responsibility, they feel a greater sense of belonging and security, and they help to facilitate the efforts of others more frequently.




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